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The professionals at Houston Crime Scene Cleanup erases the visual reminder of a violent and tragic scene and addresses the dangers of biohazards with complete removal and proper disposal of all body fluids.


An unattended death of a loved one or friend can be very tragic.  Unfortunately, it is very common and we are equipped to deal with all of the challenges that cleaning this scene will call for.  We will remove all biohazards, affected contents, and also treat the scene for the odors associated from the event.


Houston Crime Scene Cleanup provides professional, thorough, and caring crime scene cleanup in the Greater Houston Area.  Call us now to learn how we can help.  Services are covered by most insurance policies.


We accept home owners insurance.


​Houston Crime Scene Cleanup


Assisting the Greater Houston Area with complete and professional biohazard remediation services.


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Q. How much will this clean up cost?

A. The cost for cleanup will vary based on several factors.  Houston Crime Scene Cleanup will work with your insurance company and in most cases there are no out of pocket expenses for you.

Q. Will I be able to stay at my home once it's cleaned by your company?

A. Yes you can.  We will thoroughly remove hazardous waste from the home.

​Q. What if my relative was a hoarder?

A. We clean and dispose unwanted items at your request for hoarding cleanup services.

Q. Can my employees cleanup blood and biohazards at the work place?

 A. Federal regulations restrict employees from being exposed to cleaning blood, body fluids, and biohazards without proper training and protective equipment.  Biohazards must be disposed of properly because of the health risk to the general public.  Call the professionals today at Houston Crime Scene Cleanup to assist you.

Accidents at home can be tragic, extensive, and require professional cleanup.  Most homeowners insurance policies cover biohazard remediation services.  If you have had an unfortunate event, call us today.  We are available 24 hours a day.

Houston Crime Scene Cleanup is your professional resource to immediately address biohazards at the work place.  Whether it is a work place accident or biohazards from the general public visiting your establishment, call us now to professionally remove and dispose of the biohazards.

Houston Crime Scene Cleanup is open for investors or business partner for other locations in the US and UK.





Houston Crime Scene Cleanup addresses the aftermath of a suicide with complete biohazard and body fluid cleanup.  We remove all traces of the event and leave the area free from the dangers of biohazards and the visual reminder of the event.


Houston Crime Scene Cleanup

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